Guest Artist

Guest Artist Mimi McChesney

was born in Southern California and attended U.C. Berkeley with (now) artist Marie Morgan.

At a Duane Hanson exhibit at a New York museum, Mimi once surreptitiously froze mime-like next to one of Hanson's life-size "human" sculptures.  When an up-close admirer started raving to her husband about how amazingly Hanson had shaped Mimi's hair, Mimi winked at her.  "Scream!"

Mimi envisioned her first sculpture, Coat of Mail, in 2005 and began collecting cancelled stamps for it.  She found an original Nehru jacket pattern online, but did not begin assembling the work until 2016, when she finally moved into a studio large enough to lay out all the stamps from a dozen shoe boxes.  Over two years she planned, assembled, and sewed the stamps in place.

Mimi has a sculpture studio at an undisclosed location in Santa Fe, NM, where she is working on several new creatures.  She has reportedly "liberated" (an old Berkeley term) some of Marie's used tea bag collection to use for armadillo scales.  Sign up for Marie Morgan's email list if you would like to see in-progress reports on Mimi's sculptures.

artworks by artist Mimi McChesney

Coat of Mail

Cancelled postage stamps on cotton fabric

(18" x 12" x 56"H)





(Tray Detail)

Collage on parchment, wooden tray

Security Guard (After Robert Rauschenberg)

Wood, sheep skin, plastic, paper, wooden tray with collage on paper

(tray 12" x 12" x 6"H)


Bad Hair Day

Wooden post, paper packing material

(18" x 8" x 7"H)


Rattle-Head (Interactive Sculpture -- Remove head and shake rattle)

Antique wooden post, lampshade, gourd rattle, ermine fur, suede, and bandana

(13" x 13" x28"H)