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Oil on canvas, after Camille Seaman's photograph "Stranded Iceberg, Cape Bird, Antarctica, 2006”

(48" x 48")

Dreaming Beyond Paris (After John Singer Sargent)
Oil on gallery canvas
(38" x 12")

Imagining Canyon de Chelly
Oil on gallery canvas
(20" x 30")

Environments and Portraits in Large Format

Mimi McChesney

Artist Information

Bio Pic - Mimi-101.jpg

Artist Statement


Beginning in my teens I hiked in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada and the Colorado Rockies. These mountains enveloped me –it was exhilarating.  As an artist I relish the challenge of bringing that feeling of wildness and joy to others.

Portrait painting can be surprisingly similar:  When we encounter another person in mutual vulnerability, the experience offers the chance for enormous spaciousness – just as with wilderness --  always a privileged encounter.  

Artist Bio

Mimi was born in Southern California and she now lives near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She was educated at the University of California, Berkeley with graduate studies in Seattle and Portland. She once worked in the laundry at a ranch outside Buena Vista Colorado, with horseback riding the daily perk.  She determined that exploring the mountains on horseback is worlds more sensible than backpacking.

Her previous career was as a spiritual director.  Inspiration sources:  Cindy Sherman and John Singer Sargent; Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley.

Current Project in Process

A portrait series of imaginal women leaders

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