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Autumn Tales

Autumn Tales


Mixed Media* on cradled board

30" x 48" x 8"


  • Upper, left to right: postage stamps - Indiana statehood 1816, John Foster (1648-1681), West Virginia 1863, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Cherokee Strip; ginkgo leaf with cholla cactus spine; Mary Cassatt children behind wire; tea bags encasing Chinese coins, feathers.

  • (Detail**): Stamps - Martin Ramirez, artist (1895-1963), Emancipation Proclamation 1863, Lunar New Year, Chinese coins, antique-style script 'flames', seed pods of silk & lentils; feathers.

  • Lower, left to right: stamps - Bryce Canyon, Ocelot, Acadia National Park, Jackson Pollack, Adolph Gottlieb, Nebraska statehood 1867; rusted zinc washers, burlap, acrylic pour; found bird nest with Hatch chilis; cholla cactus spines with black-eyes peas nested in packing materials; globe sticker behind wire.

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