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representational artworks by marie morgan

Repurposed copyrighted photograph by Jackson Frishman, mixed media on cradled board, bird object, and birds from postage stamps
(18" x 24", with birds totals 26" x32")

Home in Moonlight
Acrylic and collage on canvas
(16" x 16")

Dreaming Beyond Paris (After John Singer Sargent)
Oil on gallery canvas
(38" x 12")

Desert Dune (red) - Cropped.jpg

Desert Dune (red)
Acrylic on board
(9" x 15")

Dune if Full Moon - Cropped.jpg

Dune at Full Moon
Acrylic on board
(6 1/2" x 12")

Gray Dunes
Acrylic on board
(9" x 14 1/2")

Gray Dunes - Cropped.jpg
Backroad Santa Fe - Cropped.jpg

Backroad Santa Fe
Acrylic on board
(9" x 12")

Arctic Snowstorm - Cropped.jpg

Arctic Snowstorm
Acrylic on board
(12" x 12")

Phrynosoma Equation - Cropped.jpg

Phrynosoma Equation
Mixed Media on cradled board
(20" x 20 x 1 1/2")

Magazine articles about the Santa Fe Institute sometimes show the clear glass walls where formulas and diagrams can be written during discussions. In my garden in Santa Fe I sometimes see the “horny toad” (actually a lizard) who lives under my pinon tree.  I wanted to contrast this creature from the Pleistocene era with SFI, a relatively recent development in the same neighborhood.  I have no idea what this particular formula is about. 

Napping withEllsworth at the Guggenheim

Napping with Ellsworth at the Guggenheim
Acrylic on canvas
(20" x 16" x 1 1/2")

Years before I thought of myself as an artist, I witnessed this scene. I quickly captured it in my travel diary. Recently I came across that page and decided to capture it in paint.

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