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Sierra Flanders

Casting into the Wind.jpg

Casting into the Wind
Hand-painted silk, ceramic, birch (stand not included)


Repurposed copyrighted photograph by Jackson Frishman, mixed media on cradled board, bird object, and birds from postage stamps
(18" x 24", with birds totals 26" x 32")

Birds can be arranged on Buyer's wall in any pattern.

Liberty Can Go Either Way
Cancelled postage stamps, wool and wire, on antique wood floor grate
(30" x 12 1/2" x 1 1/2")

...Building architectural elements and room-scaled creations.

Artist Information

Berkeley Pyramid.jpg

Artist Statement


I encounter metaphors all around me in nature.  The seed writes science fiction, hinting to us what is to come.  An aspen forest holds infinite random patterns in black and white, awaiting interpretation on canvas.

When we can remain open and sensitive to the obvious -- to grace, really -- then beauty can speak to us every day.

I challenge myself to create unique, elegant objects for the home, to add a personal touch in these high-tech times.

Artist Bio

Sierra grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she first learned Interior Design from John Wheatman.  She submerged herself in Architecture at the University of Oregon, and studied Space Planning at Parsons while on sabbatical in New York City 

Her previous career: remodeling and reselling houses. Inspiration sources: Maya Lin and I.M. Pei 

Current Project in Process

Silk seeds room divider;  Abstract aspen folding screen

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