Marie Morgan - Fine Artist

From a wide collection of intriguing objects I create paintings and collage, and wall sculpture.  I see metaphor and paradox all around me and portray them visually through either direct or ironic language. 

My work celebrates the visual complexity of objects in tension with their very ordinariness.  I am amused by juxtaposition, and the viewer may happen upon an occasional visual joke.

Objects and artifacts often want to tell their own story.  As a student of history I notice narratives in everyday life, so my work sometimes contains the seeds of a story.  Other narratives are more about color or line, offer political commentary, or speak to the state of the world.

I admire and draw inspiration from the structures of I.M. Pei and Tadao Ando, and the depictions of human life by Cindy Sherman, Bill Watterson and Matthew McConaughey.  David Johns' and Andy Goldsworthy's work first helped me understand how art need not be literal.  Ricardo Cate is a household god, and Cher is my Spirit Animal.

Marie - Green Panel - 169 KB.jpg

Look for hidden or disguised stories in the world.

Realize that life can be complicated and still be fun.

My first attempt at neighborhood architecture