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Gallery Philosophy

“I founded the galley to sponsor and celebrate women artists of the West who discovered art – or were found by art – after spending considerable time in previous careers.

“Each of our artists bases her work on a narrative, personal or universal.  We hope each visitor will experience a interaction or dialogue with the art.  

Think of the gallery as a museum where you can explore and learn.  If the narrative is not immediately apparent, ask questions – of yourself, of the work, and of us.  While we take joy in sending people home with a favorite piece, we place exploration and learning above acquisition.”

marie morgan - fine art

Look for hidden or disguised stories in the world.

Realize that life can be complicated and still be fun.


Studio & Gallery

54 Avenida Aldea

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Aldea de Santa Fe,
a New Urbanist planned community, lies 10 minutes northwest of the City of Santa Fe.

Instagram: @mariemorganartsantafe
 (505) 795-1542
M-F 10am - 5pm Mountain Time

Mailing Address:
Marie Morgan Art
4 Via Vitae
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Studio Address: (By Appointment Only)
54 Avenida Aldea

Santa Fe, NM 87507

Gallery hours vary seasonally, but we are always available by appointment.

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